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Who better to teach you to play the guitar or to sing than an experienced international musician with millions of views / streams… living and breathing the music lifestyle every, single; day!

In person (if you’re local, or online!) Utilising the power of online video calls, Matt teaches MANY students from all around the world. Matt also offers “in person” lessons to those local to Evesham, UK and the surrounding areas. Click here to enquire about Guitar or Sining Lessons.


More about the guitar lessons… Matt offers 1-2-1 guitar lessons for all ages and abilities. Visit Matt’s studio, online or depending on location, Matt can travel to you!

Matt has specialised in teaching guitar for over 10+ years. His passionate, attentive approach to teaching helps excite & inspire all ages to thrive in their learning process.

Let’s here what Chris, (featured above) has to say about Matt & his lessons…

“From a complete beginner…

I started learning Guitar with Matt at the start of the year.

After struggling for over 12 months with self learn techniques, picking up and putting down my guitar, I decided to take the plunge and take some lessons.

It is not an exaggeration to say I learnt more in an hour with Matt than I did in the previous 12 months.

His technique is friendly, non judgemental and encouraging all the way. The hour flies by with Matt putting together a bespoke programme for whatever level you are.

Matt interjects the lessons with stories of where he’s played guitar and who he’s played with. (Maybe one day he might tell you the tale he told me during my first guitar lesson).

If you’re serious about learning, Matt is your man. He really is that good. I actually love my guitar now rather than it being a nice ornament that sat in the corner!”

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More about the vocal lessons…

All singers are athletes. Thats right, athletes. Just like kicking a ball into a goal, singing a note on pitch, in time with the correct dynamics requires training.

When I was younger I remember driving myself to London every week and spending around £160 for 45mins to train with one of the top vocal coaches in the UK. I trained tirelessly for years. Now armed with this knowledge and further years of experience in touring and training vocals… I’m able to bring those valuable lessons and skills to you.

Enjoy 1-2-1 vocal lessons online or at Matt’s studio. The perfect environment to learn.

Start improving your vocal abilities today: Click here to enquire about Singing Lessons.