Our ‘Happy’ video is the homepage for Stratford Fancy Dress!

A big reason why I play so many shows here in the cotswolds is down to local support. Support however is a two way street. Not only does the local community very kindly support me but I support it.

Local businesses across the cotswolds (& many around the UK) contact me each week¬†to shoot my monthly youtube video at their venue. We decided that our release of ‘Happy’ would go well with the support of a local costume / fancy dress store. We had such a great time shooting at the costume shop & I think it came over in the video…. just a little bit ūüėČ What do you think?! #BigKids¬†Watch Music Video!

I am so thankful to everyone for their support not only the local community but everyone that supports me and my music.  A special thank you to my good friends at Stratford Fancy Dress for putting our latest record pride of place at the top of their homepage!  Click here to see Stratford Fancy Dress website!