Live on BBC radio

Hi Guys! It is such a BEAUTIFUL day. The sun is shining, the coffee I'm drinking is amazing as I slowly wake up in this beautiful hotel garden. I'm feeling super positive after a series of live shows I'...


Photoshoot with Luke Deakin

Hi Guys! Hope you're all well & keeping out of trouble! Recently I shot with the talented Luke Deakin Photography in some of Stratford-Upon-Avon's finest manor hotels. One of which was Walton Hall...


Neumann Studio Investment

Hi Guys! Welcome to another blog! In my last 'studio investment' blog I talked about many new studio investments from early 2018. With a full gear review & recommendation for those of you studio own...


Charity Single – Update

Hi Guys! So it's time to update you on the success of my original charity single. Watch the video below to find out how much money we raised & which charities we have supported!


Singing on Bournemouth Beach

Hi Guys, Hope you're having an amazing day / night, wherever you are in the world! First things first, I've been a busy BUSY bee. Its festival season, I'm playing a lot of weddings, corp & privat...


Working with the BBC

Hi Guys, I've been working with the BBC. While I'm sitting down having a chilled coffee in the sunshine before my next live show, I thought I would share my thoughts & specifically the BBC live show...


Covers Album Vol.2 – on iTunes!

Hi Guys, As many of you know my most recent full album: 'Covers Album Vol.2' has been available in hard copy from my webshop for some time. Today the album was released in 750+ stores worldwide. (THIS I...


New Cover video – In the snow!

Hi Guys, Recently the UK experienced crazy weather warnings & we had a LOT of snow! The Cotswolds (where I live) was completely snowed in. As such sadly I had to re-arrange 3 live shows. (Sorry if y...