2019 Christmas with Genting International!

What a fantastic Christmas we've had! I hope your Christmas has been fantastic too. Writing this blog retrospectively in January 2020 has been a real joy for me. Looking back, taking stock & appreci...


CaraMia & Georgia Tailby Photoshoot!

Hi Guys! Todays blog is #DoubleTrouble!! I recently went on a photoshoot with two very talented photographers: Cara Mia & Georgia Tailby. We shot in the studio & also adventured out on locati...


Portugal Music Video!

Hi Guys! What happens in Portugal (does not) stay in Portugal! ... Apparently. So many of you have been getting involved with the images I've released over on social media of the beautiful trip to Po...


Hosting Evesham River Festival!

Hi Guys! I hope you're all having a good summer (if it's not HOT where you are, or it's not summer when you're reading this, I'm sorry... because I love summer & I'm sure many of you do too!) I h...


Free Hugs Music Video!

Hey Guys, Great news, I've released a new music video. This ones a bit different.... in the best kind of way... No I'm not in a private plane, or singing on a boat in the Caribbean ocean... I'm givin...


Barbados! How many NEW music videos?!

Hi Everyone! How the devil are you?! I've missed this... well, I've missed the opportunity to write to you as I've been so busy! Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, in-fact I'm very grateful for the...


Live on BBC radio

Hi Guys! It is such a BEAUTIFUL day. The sun is shining, the coffee I'm drinking is amazing as I slowly wake up in this beautiful hotel garden. I'm feeling super positive after a series of live shows I'...


Photoshoot with Luke Deakin

Hi Guys! Hope you're all well & keeping out of trouble! Recently I shot with the talented Luke Deakin Photography in some of Stratford-Upon-Avon's finest manor hotels. One of which was Walton Hall...