Neumann Studio Investment

Hi Guys! Welcome to another blog! In my last 'studio investment' blog I talked about many new studio investments from early 2018. With a full gear review & recommendation for those of you studio own...


Charity Single – Update

Hi Guys! So it's time to update you on the success of my original charity single. Watch the video below to find out how much money we raised & which charities we have supported!


Singing on Bournemouth Beach

Hi Guys, Hope you're having an amazing day / night, wherever you are in the world! First things first, I've been a busy BUSY bee. Its festival season, I'm playing a lot of weddings, corp & privat...


Working with the BBC

Hi Guys, I've been working with the BBC. While I'm sitting down having a chilled coffee in the sunshine before my next live show, I thought I would share my thoughts & specifically the BBC live show...


Covers Album Vol.2 – on iTunes!

Hi Guys, As many of you know my most recent full album: 'Covers Album Vol.2' has been available in hard copy from my webshop for some time. Today the album was released in 750+ stores worldwide. (THIS I...


New Cover video – In the snow!

Hi Guys, Recently the UK experienced crazy weather warnings & we had a LOT of snow! The Cotswolds (where I live) was completely snowed in. As such sadly I had to re-arrange 3 live shows. (Sorry if y...


NEW original single – All proceeds to charity!

Charity fundraiser ended 26th April 2018. Thank you to everyone who took part in this charitable bit of fun! Special blog post coming soon with charities. If you would like to download Matt's single, you ...


New Studio Investment!

Hi Guys! Tech talk alert! But first... before I divulge (only a small handful) of my new studio investments here's the none technical part of this blog! I'm very pleased & excited to share w...