Studio Tour

Welcome to: Matt Bate’s Studio

A safe place for artists to craft their unique sound!

Every song ever recorded starts & ends it’s journey to life in the studio. Matt is a 1 stop shop for getting a record from “just an idea” to a “record on all major platforms” inc. Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Click here to book studio time.


More about the studio… For over 10+ years Matt has specialised in 1-on-1 production with musicians of any age & ability in his home studio in the Cotswolds. Matt creates a homely, comfortable environment that allows musicians to easily tap into their talent without the pressures of bigger, less personal; time and cost pressured studios.

As well as having Matt’s studio experience at your fingertips, he is also a full-time live singer & guitarist. Matt understands performing music to an audience as well as specialising in the elements required to studio engineer, produce, mix & master records. This means he understands what hits an audience in a live environment, giving a much wider application for your records.

Each year Matt invests heavily in the very best professional studio equipment on the market ensuring the studio is at the for-front of modern production. This year Matt made no exceptions!

Many of Matt’s international cover / original records have achieved over a million views on YouTube, Facebook, IGTV & are sold on iTunes / Amazon / Google Play / Spotify & 750+ Stores worldwide. With this experience Matt is able to tailer your music to this market & is able to help get your music online to the masses!

…But first things first, you need your first recording session.

Contact Matt today to book some studio time. Email Matt