Which guitar is best for beginners?

Here’s one of the top questions I get asked daily. “Which guitar is best for beginners?
There’s 3 things to consider:
– Brand
– Type
– Size
Brand: Now I personally play “Taylor Guitars” however, beginner guitarists don’t need to play this level of guitar stright out of the gate. But if you want to stretch to something really special I would whole heartedly recommend their range. I’ve enjoyed their brand for over 9 years!
There are some great beginner brands online… checkout the website “Gear For Music” to pick up something cost effective, playable & with a good warranty.

Type: I personally recommend purchasing an “acoustic” guitar. These are different to “classical” guitars, much easier to play – But you can learn on both!

My top tip to you is to Google an image of both so you can see the difference in body shapes!


Size: This is an important one… I share all the details on a recent blog: Click here for THE size guide!


I hope this information helps to give you a better basic understanding of what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in online guitar lessons with me & you are looking to purchase a guitar, I can help: send me a message!