YouTube Re-brand!

“You are always a student. Never a master. You have to keep moving forward.” – Conrad Hall

Hi guys! As the blog title / quote suggests… I’m moving forward with my music videos! Recently I reflected upon my YouTube channels across the board. Did you know I’m a YouTube millionaire? Crazy right!? Over 1,200,000+ people have watched my videos online from all over the world. That just blows my mind. Wow! It turns out I’ve been putting my music online for over 7 years & I’ve been a musician for 14 years. I could literally be a musical teenager! (Fourteen, teen. Oh god – dad jokes – moving on!)

Looking at the videos online I can clearly see a young man growing up through music. Firstly I wanted to immortalize this with my band YouTube channel ‘Upon Collide’. Secondly I also wanted to start a fresh chapter (and YouTube channel) with my new music. Why? Well, because as I’ve grown through music so has my sound, my image, the quality of my videos, the people in my team – everything has changed. To put a label on it I’ve effectively, ‘re-branded’. So why not start a fresh; releasing quality, consistent content with the highest quality audio available direct to a dedicated music channel ‘MattBateUK’.

So let’s conclude the waffle – My YouTube channels explained:

Matt Bate – UK
– NEW YouTube channel: New high quality music videos, more cover songs & more original singles. Everything that you love all in one place.

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Matt Bate – Extras
– Existing Channel: Still serving the purpose it was build for. To hold anything not worthy of a main channel release. (Like live cover videos from Barbados for instance… NOW ONLINE!)

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Matt Bate – Upon Collide (The Band)
– Existing Channel: The historical view of my music, how I began & the path in which I grew through music with my band mates & friends.

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